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House rejects Afghanistan withdrawal resolution, and the will of the American people

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In a total affront to will of the American public, who overwhelming are calling for withdrawal from Afghanistan seeing it as against the interests of the United States to remain bogged down in the protracted conflict with little sign of progress, the House rejected a resolution calling for withdrawal by the end of the year. This further exacerbates the division between the public and their elected representatives. For both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, they began with hefty majority support for engagement in combat operations. The section of the public in support of these wars has, however, disintegrated over the course of the operations. With the US considering military engagement in Libya, it would be beneficial for the American public to consider this consistent change in attitude after the original instigation of the conflicts.

House rejects resolution calling for withdrawal of US from Afghanistan by end of year
Associated Press, Thursday, March 17

WASHINGTON — The House has overwhelmingly rejected a resolution calling for President Barack Obama to withdraw American forces from Afghanistan by year’s end.

The vote was 321-93 with one member voting present on Thursday.

In a show of bipartisanship on national security, Republicans and Democrats had warned that passage of the measure would have dire consequences in the fight against terrorism and put the U.S. at risk of another 9/11 strike.

Proponents of the resolution had argued that in a time of soaring deficits, the nation couldn’t afford investing money in a nation led by a corrupt government in Kabul. They also called the war unwinnable.


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