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UN votes for no-fly zone on Libya, needless bloodshed certain to follow (our hearts go out to the people of Libya -PR)

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The UN security Council has just passed the resolution to implement a no-fly zone in Libya. Libya will also be transferred to the ICC. Both China and Russia abstained from voting. This is a tragic event that is sure to bring further pain and destruction to the people of Libya. The west has reiterated its position that it has the right to intervene wherever and whenever it pleases, regardless of the ensuing effects. Disapproving of the no-fly zone has nothing to do with approving of the actions of Qaddafi but in respecting the sovereignty and self-determination of a free country and understanding the most likely consequences of such an action.

This is the first day of what will inevitably be a long and destructive process of attempting to overthrow the government of Libya. We can only hope the Libyan people stand strong and fight for whatever cause they deem just. With the unconstrained ability of western forces to bomb the country, our thoughts are with the people of Libya who are entering into a period of their history that will most likely be looked back on in sorrow. One only needs to recall the destruction brought by western militaries in previous humanitarian interventions including Iraq and Kosovo.

No one knows what proportion of the population is represented by these rebels or who they actually are, but the west has allied with them and, if they succeed in their quest, will turn the country over to them. For all of those who seek peace in a world torn apart by war, understand that what has just transpired is the initiation of further conflict, not in the interest of the Libyan people, but in those of western nations. From all those around the world who know too well the realities of conflict and struggle, our hearts go out to the people of Libya who are now caught in the middle of an international conflict, one likely to shatter many lives, families and futures. -PR


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03/18/2011 at 5:57 am

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