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From pick-up ‘tanks’ to Pretator drones

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The Libyan “rebels” will receive a substantial boost in firepower following the passage of the UN no-fly zone resolution.

No-fly zone paves way for drone attack

Michael Evans and Tom Coghlan, The Australian, March 19, 2011

THE Pentagon’s plans for military action in Libya include the imposition of a no-fly zone and strikes with Tomahawk cruise missiles, drones and ground-attack aircraft.

Libya unrest: Allies assemble arsenal for possible strike against Gaddafi

Robert Booth,, March 18, 2011

Air and naval forces from north America, Europe and Middle East prepare to implement UN’s no-fly resolution

The UK, the US, Canada, France and at least one of the Gulf states look likely to take part in enforcing what has been described as a “no-fly” and “no-drive” zone over Libya.

British Typhoon and Tornado fighter jets are expected to deploy from their bases in Lincolnshire and Norfolk this weekend, along with Nimrod surveillance aircraft equipped with sophisticated radar, jamming and listening devices deployed at Sigonella, Sicily, home to a Nato base and US naval air station. It is also possible that Awacs aircraft in Afghanistan could be redeployed, while HMS Cumberland and HMS Westminster are off the Libyan coast.


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