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Rep. Connie Mack requests US Government to overthrow Chavez

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AVN, April 4, 2011

On Thursday, the US Congressman Connie Mack requested to the Executive branch of his country “to put an end” to the Government of the President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez.

According to AP, Mack pointed out that the US President Barack Oabama “should be asking for the end of Chavez”s regime,” for alleged violations to Human Rights, instead of buying oil from Venezuela, which supplies close to 10% of the US oil consumption.

Mack assured that buying oil from Venezuela “keeps the US State Department as a hostage”, for such reason, he requested to replace the South American country for other supplier.

“We need to focus right away on replacing foreign oil coming from tyrants like Chavez, for reliable and stable allies like Canada,” the Republican congressman stated.

Mack has been characterized by his frequent attacks against Venezuela and he has requested several times to include the South American country in the US list of governments supporting “terrorism.”

The congressman was accused in November 2010 by the Bolivian President Evo Morales for making a public call for the assassination of resident Chavez, during an encounter of the extreme right in the US.

Mack statements are made in the midst of a military intervention of colonizer powers, led by the United States, in Libya, which owns over 40% of African oil reserves.

The pretext used for the invasion was an alleged violation of Human Rights committed by the Libyan leader Muammar Al Gaddafi, who was labeled by the White House as a “tyrant” that attacked his own people.


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