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Moscow urges West to learn lessons from Libyan operation

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RT News, April 5, 2011

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has called on the international community to learn lessons from the problems the western coalition is facing in Libya, including those connected with command of the joint military operation.

­Commenting on the recent decision by the U.S. to significantly cut its role Libya and withdraw its fighter jets from the international air operation in the war-torn North African country, Lavrov pointed at the necessity to plan such missions more carefully in the future. According to the Russian minister, all possible problems should be analyzed at the initial stage, when drafting UN Security Council resolutions on the matter.

“God forbid that the Security Council should ever have to decide on something like this again, but if so, we would like the text to be as specific as possible, to the maximum, as to who and in what manner military force will be used.  This is a serious issue, and we should learn the lessons from the experience we now have,” Lavrov said speaking at a joint media conference with his Gabonese counterpart Paul Toungui in Moscow.

Back in March, Russia abstained from voting on the UN Security Council Resolution 1973 which imposed a no-fly zone over Libya, because the document did not strictly determine limitations on the use of military force. Neither did it clarify who exactly would use that force to ensure the no-fly zone is observed. Lavrov recalled that prior to the voting on March 17, Russia came up with its proposals on the text.

“However, the co-authors did not agree to that. It was one of the reasons why Russia abstained [from voting].  We warned that these ambiguities would only create problems for the Security Council and for those implementing this resolution,” Lavrov said on Tuesday, according to Interfax. At the initial stage, the US assumed the lead role and then passed it over to the North-Atlantic alliance, “and the NATO Council made an appropriate decision”.

“Strictly speaking, the resolution allows precisely such procedures. However, I reiterate, they are not ideal,” he added.


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