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Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ rocket defense system encourages aggression with impunity

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+“Defense” means the ability to attack with protection from retaliatory consequences -PR+

James Petras in Counterpunch:

The action and reaction always is located in a limited time frame. Palestinian action is always the initial moment and the Israeli military attack is always described as a response or “retaliatory” and therefore, presumably a form of defensive action, “justifiable”.

Thus what appears as objective reportage on two sets of military actions, is in fact an arbitrary selection of time frames which lays the basis for a highly biased interpretive framework.

US to help pay for Iron Dome “defense” system

Democrats, republicans slated to approve 2011 budget this week enabling Obama to increase security aid to Israel, transfer $205 million for development of anti-missile system

Yitzhak Benhorin, Ynetnews, April 11,2011

The United States is slated to provide Israel with $430 million worth of security aid in the near future which will include $205 million allocated for the development of Iron Dome batteries.

Democrats and republicans are slated to finalize the 2011 budget in the coming days…

…According to an agreement between the US and Israel for the next 10 years, 2011 aid was slated to grow to $3 billion (from $2.77 billion) in addition to an extra $205 million for the development of the Iron Dome system.

Read the full article here

Israel warns Iron Dome still at experimental stage

Conal Urquhart, The Guardian, April 11, 2011

The initial success of Israel’s Iron Dome missile-defence system has been hailed as an example of “Jewish genius” – but the army insists it is still at an experimental stage.

Since 7 April the system has shot down nine rockets fired at Israel from Gaza, although it was unable to stop at least 11 others.

Read the full article here

Iron Dome: Israel Deploys Unique, Controversial Missile System

Stuart Fox, InnovationNewsDaily, March 30, 2011

…Iron Dome is “a uniquely Israeli solution for a uniquely Israeli problem,” said John Pike, director of and an expert on defense technology and policy. “Nobody else has the problem of being that close to an enemy you can’t annihilate. Because if it was a stand-up war, and the guy who was shooting at you was only a couple miles away, you would just blow him up, and that would be the end of it. But you can’t do that here.”…

…Furthermore, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that the Israel Defense Forces chose to buy the Iron Dome instead of the U.S.-designed anti-rocket laser because of pressure to buy domestic products, and due to the profitability of selling the technology to other countries.

Pedatzur also argued that Iron Dome won’t act fast enough to protect the southern Israeli cities that bear the brunt of rocket fire coming from the Gaza Strip.

Read the full article here

Rocket War: 36,000 DIY Missiles vs. Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’

Adam Rawnsley, Wired, April 8, 2011

But Iron Dome’s protection comes at a price. The advanced radar-guided system uses missiles to knock out cheap, sometimes DIY rockets at short range — and costs at least $25,000 per missile fired and $50 million per battery. Facing an arsenal of thousands of Hezbollah rockets up north, Iron Dome could quickly rack up a hefty bill in the event of another war.

Read the full article here

Israeli Anti-Missile System Faces Fire at Home and Delays in U.S. Funding

Nathan Jeffay and Nathan Guttman, Forward, January 4, 2011

…Meanwhile, on the Israeli side, questions have been brewing regarding the system’s efficacy and costs and the real purpose of its development.

Gadi Eizenkot, commander of Israel’s Northern Command, said on November 30 that Iron Dome was not necessarily intended to protect civilians and that its primary deployment should be in military bases. His statement reinforced the concerns of Sderot residents who had already noticed that Iron Dome’s radar system was positioned at a nearby air force base, not in the city.

Local leaders are seething. “We are frustrated; we are angry,” said Alon Schuster, head of the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council…

…Martin van Creveld, author of 21 books on military history and strategy, including “Countering Terrorism,” pointed to the high cost of using Iron Dome, which reaches $100,000 for each interceptor fired. “The ‘exchange rate’ must be 1,000 to 1 as Qassams can probably be made for $100,” van Creveld said. At such cost ratios, the system offers Israel’s enemies a way to quickly drain the Jewish state’s economic resources, he said.

Read the full article here


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