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Haiti is open for investment: president-elect Martelly meets with Clinton, World Bank and IMF

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+Also check out “Michel Martelly and the US-sponsored electoral coup in Haiti” and “Haiti April Fool’s article sheds light on US’ negative impact, as seen from 2017” for more info about US involvement in supporting Martelly+

Benedict Mander, Financial Times, April 20, 2011

Haiti’s president-elect Michel Martelly, who is visiting the US in an early bid to kick-start stalled reconstruction efforts of the earthquake-torn nation, has won wholehearted backing from US secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

“We are behind him, we have a great deal of enthusiasm,” Mrs Clinton said on Wednesday during Mr Martelly’s three-day visit to the US. “I’m very encouraged by the campaign that Mr Martelly ran, his emphasis on the people and their needs, his willingness to be very clear on what he hoped to achieve on their behalf,” she said.


Mr Martelly, who is expected to take office on May 14, on Tuesday met the heads of the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the Inter-American Development Bank in an attempt to convince them to embrace his vision for a “new Haiti” and step up reconstruction efforts, with more than 750,000 people still homeless.

The 50-year-old leader is also trying to woo the international business community with the message that “Haiti is now open for investment”, promising to improve investment conditions by restoring security and offering tax benefits.


He has also promised to engage the Haitian diaspora, many of whom are in the US, in rebuilding the hemisphere’s poorest country and favours the reinstatement of an army that could replace United Nations peacekeeping forces.

Earlier this week, he said he was considering granting amnesty to Haiti’s first democratically elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, and ex-dictator Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, both of whom returned home from exile this year and are accused of human rights violations.

Last week, Human Rights Watch said that Haiti should prosecute Mr Duvalier, arguing there was enough evidence. He currently faces charges of corruption, embezzlement of public funds and criminal association.

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