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Venezuelan’s Chavez Renews his Proposal of an International Peace Commission for Libya

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Tamara Pearson, Venezuelanalysis, April 18, 2011

Yesterday Venezuela’s president Hugo Chavez said he was renewing his proposal to form an international peace commission to settle the conflict in Libya.

The Venezuelan government will propose the creation of a broad commission to serve as mediator with the situation in Libya to presidents and countries of the African Union. Chavez urged the formation of a larger commission to see if it’s possible to “stop this craziness of aggressions”.

He made the decision after talking to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by phone. In order to strengthen his proposal, originally made in February, Chavez said he would seek support from other presidents around the world who “have an interest in a peaceful solution to the conflict in [Libya]”.

“We will work hard to contact other presidents, and try to shape a larger committee than the one that emerged from the African Union, to see if we can stop this madness. That’s what politics, international law and diplomacy are for,” Chavez said.

“When will you, distinguished U.S president and especially European countries stop? I’m going to keep talking about this situation. We have mentioned the U.S. president, [Barack] Obama. Now, we must also talk about President of France [Nicolas] Sarkozy and Prime Minister of Italy [Silvio] Berlusconi and the British Prime Minister David Cameron,” he said.

“Do these presidents think that they own the world? Do they think they have the right to bomb villages and peoples? NATO is now asking for more planes, they lack planes and bombs to kill more people … That’s not the way to solve any problem in this world,” he continued.

“Imperialism and the [governments] of Europe want to take over Libya’s petroleum, they don’t want to defend the people of Libya, that’s a lie,” Chavez said.

“Here in Venezuela we ask for peace in the world, humanity and the human cause. A greater level of peace, total peace, human peace through social justice and that is socialism, “he concluded.

During the last days of February and first days of March, Chavez promoted his proposal for the creation of an international peace commission to mediate and help solve the crisis in Libya, which NATO and its allies then began attack on 19 March.

On 11 April the anti-Gaddafi forces rejected a peace plan presented by the African Union, according to them, because it did not include plans for Gaddafi to step down.


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