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‘US sways Berlin over Iran bank service’

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Press TV, April 6, 2011

A spokesperson for the Indian Ministry of Treasury says Germany has stopped rendering banking services to Iran under the US duress.

India is well aware that Berlin is keen on finding a constructive solution [for Iran’s banking transactions in Germany], but it has to act under the US pressure, the unnamed Indian official told Der Spiegel.

The spokesperson, however, insisted that although New Delhi is considering other alternatives, it does not consider the problem as over yet, and it will go ahead with its negotiations with the central bank of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Since September 2010, when India’s Central Bank stopped providing banking facilities for the purchasing of Iran’s oil and gas, the country has been making its payments to Iran via a Hamburg-based mediator and the European-Iranian Trading Bank (EIHB).

However on Tuesday, the German media announced that Chancellor Angela Merkel is moving to end the involvement of the European country’s central bank in oil payments between India and Iran, due to the US-sponsored sanctions imposed against the Islamic Republic over its nuclear activities.

This is while a German government spokesperson had previously announced that there were no legal grounds for halting the banking transactions.

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China Leads World in Clean Energy Investment, U.S. falls to 3rd

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“China’s surging growth is nothing short of remarkable,” Phyllis Cuttino, director of Pew’s Clean Energy Program in Washington, said in an interview. “It should be a gigantic worry for the U.S. — just three years ago we were first.”

China’s dominance in clean energy was fueled by a 39 percent increase in investment to a record $54.4 billion last year. That made it the world’s largest manufacturer of wind turbines and solar modules, and helped it to overtake the U.S. in terms of installed renewable energy capacity.

Christopher Martin, Bloomberg, March 28, 2011

China extended its lead in renewable energy investments last year, and Germany overtook the U.S. to become the second-largest market for clean technologies including solar, wind and biomass generators, according to the Pew Charitable Trusts.

Global investment in clean energy surged 30 percent last year to $243 billion, more than 90 percent of which went to power projects and companies in the 20 largest economies, Pew said in a report based on Bloomberg New Energy Finance data.

The data show that the U.S. is increasingly being left behind as other countries make clean energy investments a national priority, Pew said today.
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Most Germans support Libyan abstention

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The Local, March 26, 2011

A majority of Germans support their government’s decision not to take part in the military action against Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, a survey revealed Saturday.

The Emnid survey, published by news magazine Focus, found that 56 percent think Germany was right to abstain from the United Nations Security Council vote on whether to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya.

Only 36 percent said Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government was wrong to abstain.
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China reaches out to Germany on Libya

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Chris Buckley, Reuters, March 25, 2011

China has reached out to Germany over the two nations’ shared opposition to escalating fighting in Libya ahead of a visit by the German foreign minister.

Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi laid out China’s “principled stance” about the U.N.-authorised military campaign against the embattled Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi during a telephone call on Thursday with the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, said the Chinese Foreign Ministry website (

Westerwelle will visit China next week for talks that appear sure to cover the crisis in Libya. Although Beijing and Berlin have often traded barbs on human rights, trade and security, they have found some common ground in shared misgivings about the Western air campaign against Gaddafi.

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