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Robert Gates: US Iraq troops ‘could stay longer’

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BBC, April 7, 2011

US troops could if required by Iraq stay in the country beyond the agreed withdrawal date of 31 December, 2011, the US defence secretary has said.

Robert Gates, who is visiting Iraq, says an extended military presence is an option.

“If folks here are going to want us to have a presence, we’re going to need to get on with it pretty quickly in terms of our planning,” he said.

A large number of the 50,000 US troops in Iraq are due to leave in the summer.

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US Media: More War, Less Journalism – RT News

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+Also watch ‘US Mainstream Media loves to support war‘ with Jeff Cohen discussing the universal media support for war – “MSNBC is not really a progressive channel, its more like a Democratic channel” -PR+

Media budgets collapse amid foreign disasters

“When you talk about someone like Katie Couric, who for 5 years reportedly received fifteen million dollars a year, you talk about Brian Williams – ten million dollars a year, in some reports. If they didn’t take those enormous salaries, you could hire a hundred, a hundred and fifty actual reporters, producers,” – Professor of Journalism Jeff Cohen.

From RT News:

Long time love affair between MSNBC and America’s wars

MSNBC is believed by many to be the most liberal of all cable networks. Most who watch would agree that many of the hosts are pro-Obama, pro-choice and pro-union.But it turns out they are also pro-war.

From RT News:

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China to reinforce trust with neighbours

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Ananth Krishan, The Hindu, March 31, 2011

The Chinese government on Thursday said it viewed the security situation in the Asia-Pacific as “volatile”, pointing to the United States “reinforcing” regional military alliances and rising suspicions among China’s neighbours.

In a national defence white paper issued on Thursday, China said it would seek to expand confidence-building measures with its neighbours, as well as stick to a defence policy that was defensive in nature.

The white paper, the seventh that China has issued since 1998, portrayed a strained regional security environment, describing the Asia-Pacific region, in particular, as “volatile.”

“Relevant major powers are increasing their strategic investment,” said the paper. “The United States is reinforcing its regional military alliances, and increasing its involvement in regional security affairs.”
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Venezuela sees max $2.5 billion arbitration bill for Exxon, ConocoPhillips Nationalizations

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Reuters, March 31, 2011

Venezuela calculates it will pay no more than $2.5 billion to Exxon Mobil and ConocoPhillips in looming arbitration rulings over oil nationalizations, Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez said.

Venezuela also expects oil prices to remain unstable because Western military intervention in Libya has raised the possibility of conflict spreading in North Africa, the OPEC member’s minister said in an interview for the Reuters Latin American Investment Summit.

He said the earthquake and nuclear and crisis in Japan were adding further uncertainty to the market and that Venezuela should be seen as a reliable supplier.

State oil company PDVSA aims to increase exports to China to 600,000 barrels per day this year, from 470,000 bpd currently, he added.
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Developing Economies Taking Lead Over ‘Rich’ Countries

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AP, March 30, 2011

The world’s biggest economies are recovering from the Great Recession at troublesome speeds: too fast or too slow.

China, India and other major developing countries quickly returned to breakneck rates of growth after escaping the worst of the economic downturn in 2008 and 2009. Their rapid recoveries showed for the first time that emerging economies have grown big and strong enough to thrive independently while the United States and other rich countries struggle.

And today, to an unprecedented degree, the developing world is driving the global recovery, instead of relying on the United States for economic leadership as it used to. This picture emerges from The Associated Press’ new Global Economy Tracker, a quarterly analysis of 22 countries that account for more than 80 percent of the world’s economic output.

The shakeup in the world’s economic order has taken 30 years. The developing world’s share of global economic output has risen from 18 percent in 1980 to 26 percent last year, the World Bank says. So growth in emerging markets now has a far bigger effect on the world’s economic performance.
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Venezuela Sends Humanitarian Aid to Japan

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Venezuelan Ministry for Communication and Information,, March 24, 2011

On Wednesday, Venezuela used its national airline, Conviasa, to send a plane filled with 25 tons of food and medical supplies to the city of Nagoya, 262 kilometers from Tokyo. This donation represents an unprecdented act of humanitarian aid in the history of Venezuela-Japan relations.

According to the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the flight was the longest in Venezuelan history as it relates to aiding an affected country. The flight covered a total 16,000 kilometers in just 21 hours,  and was accompanied by a crew of 28 people.

“We are proud to say that this is the first time that Conviasa arrives in Japan and that has done so for humanitarian reasons. We are aiding the brother Japanese people and assisting 200 South Americans with their evacuation,” said Seiko Ishikawa, the Venezuelan Ambassador to Japan.
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Obama in Latin America: Brazilian Ethanol, Washington Bombs and Venezuelan Nukes

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Greg Grandin, The Nation, March 21, 2011

Obama isn’t the first US president to seek a solution to domestic crisis by pushing for open markets, but his administration might be the first to so candidly admit that is what it is doing.

According to Michael Froman, Obama’s national security adviser for international economic affairs, “This trip fundamentally is about the US recovery, US exports and the critical relationship that Latin America plays in our economic future and jobs here in the United States.” It’s a startlingly honest admission that, unable to overcome domestic obstacles (that is, the cult of austerity that enthralls Republicans and Democrats alike) to investment and stimulus, the United States is looking abroad for relief. Obama is making the case that more globalized trade—including the pending Colombian Free Trade Agreement—will pull the United States out of its slump.

In the past, trade with Latin America did inordinately benefit the United States in all sorts of ways, underwriting its cold war Keynesian and post–cold war neoliberal economies. Today, though, things are different and it’s unlikely that more “free trade” with Latin America would heal what ails the United States.

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